I'm Sandra, a wedding and portrait photographer.

Photography has been a part of my life for 10 years now. During this time, I've explored various aspects of it - artistic portraiture, fashion, dance photography. These experiences have helped me discover that my favorite way to capture a person is through an artistic, stylish, and lyrical portrayal in their portrait.

When photographing weddings, I find joy in speaking through images, paying attention to details, lighting, natural body language, and spontaneity. During the celebration, I not only document the events of the day like an unseen chronicler and witness to the love of two people, but I also become a friend with whom it's easy and calm to be around.

If you've found me and you're on my path - you're genuine and very beautiful on the inside. You don't like posing, so I'll photograph you from a distance and discreetly. I'll capture your inner aesthetics, charm, and elegance.

It'll be easy with me, you'll hardly need to do anything. Just be yourself - relax as much as you can. And I'll make sure you remember this important moment in your life with pleasant excitement.

At your celebration, I'll capture unposed moments. The sparkle in your eyes from tears or laughter. The corner of your lips tinged with confusion. The slightly flushed cheeks from impatience. Bare feet, tired from dancing. Fingers firmly clutching onto a loved one.

I can promise you that amidst all the wonderful wedding details at your celebration, I'll still see the Person. I'll photograph emotions. I'll notice things you might not even see yourself. I'll photograph in a way that shows how amazing you are. When you're being yourself.

So, if you feel we see things similarly, write to me.